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Album release, June 7, 2022



MAY 13 "ROSA" Single with official video by Victor Oly


JUNE 7 "GRIT" Album release, with official video for "MELODY FEELS RIGHT" by Miguel Rueda

AUGUST 16 "OF THE STARS" official video by Victor Oly

FILE UNDER funk, soul, disco, RnB, acid jazz, house, jam band, two-step, jazz-rock, drum and bass 

SOUNDS LIKE / FOR FANS OF Jamiroquai, Earth Wind & Fire, Bruno Mars, Brand New Heavies, Tower of Power, Snarky Puppy, Vulfpeck, P-Funk, John Scofield, Lettuce, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Justin Timberlake

1 - MELODY FEELS RIGHT - radio edit (4:19), album version (6:18) 123 bpm: nu-funk, disco, dance
2 - ROSA radio edit (3:59), album version (4:52), 108 bpm: nu-funk, progressive soul, dance
3 - GRIT (4:06) 100 bpm: instrumental funk, funk rock, dance
4 - GET OUT OF MY LIFE (5:16) 121 bpm: funk, acid jazz, progressive soul, dance
5 - PEOPLE WHO CAME TO PARTY (6:37) 112 bpm: funk, dance, jazz rap, psychedelic funk
6 - OF THE STARS (5:39) 102 bpm: funk, RnB, soul, two-step house, jazz rap 
7 - CARL GOT LIT (6:38) 94 bpm: instrumental progressive funk, jazz rock, jam band, drum and bass 
8 - SHOT SONG (2:25) 137 bpm: instrumental progressive funk, jazz-rock 
9 - ALMIGHTY SAINT FUNKENSTEIN (2:31) 118 bpm: progressive funk, dance


KC Roberts & The Live Revolution (KCLR) releases its highly anticipated seventh studio album, GRIT, June 7th, 2022. Following their European tour in 2019, the album was funded by the band's devoted and expanding fanbase. GRIT’S track list of nine new original KCLR compositions is built on fierce grooves, complex instrumental arrangements, lush harmony, striking solos, catchy hooks and of course KC Roberts’ signature melodic, high-energy lead vocals, with backing vocals by some of Canada’s finest singers. GRIT is soulful, funky, original high energy dance party music that sounds unlike anything else. The album will be accompanied by a series of music videos, touring, and KCLR’s first ever vinyl pressing.


“If one needed proof of the vitality and authenticity of new Canadian funk music, they need look no further...” Matt Bauer – Exclaim!

Toronto's KC Roberts & the Live Revolution (KCLR) is a nine-piece original funk band fronted by the dynamic and distinctive guitar and vocals of founder KC Roberts. Entering its second decade, on bass is co-founder Matt Fullbrook, with drummer Austin Gembora rounding out the rhythm section. KCLR’s current live lineup is packed with Toronto's jazz heavyweights including Jeremy Ledbetter and Matt Giffin on keyboards, Rob Christian on saxophone, Andrew McAnsh on trumpet, Christian Overton on trombone, Marito Marques on percussion and some of Canada’s finest vocalists on backing vocals.

“One of the tightest bands in the city.” Errol Nazareth - CBC Music

Since forming in 2009, KCLR has developed an international reputation for its infectious funk, jazz, soul, rock, RnB and hip-hop influenced sound. The band has released six original studio albums and shared billings with international artists such as Lettuce, Lee Fields & The Expressions, Black Eyed Peas, Rhianna, Z-Trip and Mix Master Mike. Canadian music blog Ride the Tempo says “missing them on stage is one of the biggest disservices you can do to yourself if you are a music fan.” KCLR have performed at many of Canada’s great music festivals, including the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Beaches International Jazz Festival, Waterloo Jazz Festival, and London Sunfest. In 2019, KCLR completed their first European tour in Berlin, Amsterdam, Austria and various festivals such as Kultursommer in Oldenburg, Germany, where they played to five thousand new fans. Their latest studio album “GRIT” was recorded throughout the pandemic.

“Sharp technical skills and a unique blend of hip hop, electronic, pop and funk created infectious dance tunes that instantly turned hundreds of concertgoers into diehard fans.” Canadian Music Fest

Over KCLR’s twelve years together, their journey has been filled with highlights. The band’s self-propelled and self-funded tours across North America and Europe, along with relentless release of new material have helped to build a passionate global fanbase, as evidenced by over $90,000 in successful crowdfunding of various ambitious projects. KCLR’s impact on music fans can be seen around the world from cover bands in Colombia to dance troupes in Japan and Korea.

“KC Roberts is an outstanding guitarist and composer...his band is actually scary good.” Josh Grossman- Artistic Director TD Toronto Jazz Festival


1. Melody Feels Right -  Radio edit (4:19), album version (6:18), 123 bpm: nu-funk, disco, dance

The first track off “GRIT” is a hyper-catchy funk love anthem. KC Roberts delivers energetic and melodic vocals while telling a story of infatuated love and getting lost in the rhythm of a magical night. The track kicks off with a compelling bass and drum pulse, then evolves into an exultant fanfare of horns and keys, and ultimately erupts into a relentless and undeniable rhythm rooted in soul, funk and jazz, featuring a solo by the illustrious saxophonist Rob Christian. This song was inspired by Curtis Mayfield’s  “Move On Up” and Jamiroquai’s “Love Foolosophy.” 


2. Rosa - Radio edit (3:59), album version (4:52), 108 bpm: nu-funk, progressive soul, dance

The first single from KCLR’s highly anticipated and fan-funded album “GRIT” is a soulful indie-funk love song blanketed in heavenly synth and beautiful melodies. In this song, KC Roberts takes the listener into the heart of a relationship that just needs the light of a new perspective and mutual rebirth. The infectious groove is layered with synth-funk and a message of positivity, hope and love that emerges through the dark clouds. Geneviève Marentette’s enchanting vocal textures add the final touch that makes Rosa the perfect road trip jam to escape the monotony and find that sweet moment with the one you love.


3. Grit - (4:06), 100 bpm: instrumental funk, funk rock, dance

The ferociously driving title track of the record romps like a funk locomotive. Grit’s drums are John Bonham meets James Brown, immediately setting the pace for a four-minute ride of head-bopping, hip-shaking fun. Tight popping horn lines dance on lush, soulful synth and gritty funk guitar. Catchy, and true to its namesake - Grit.


4. Get Out Of My Life - (5:16), 121 bpm: funk, acid jazz, progressive soul, dance

A joyful, angsty song about letting go of a toxic relationship. It’s funky and melodic with a groove reminiscent of the Brand New Heavies. KC Roberts’ lyrics are a call to break the cycle. The vocals weave through blazing percussion and driving textural keys and guitar. The song builds harmonically as the lyrics speak of emotional self-realization, growing almost like an epic Stevie Wonder arrangement. 


5. People Who Came To Party - (6:37), 112 bpm: funk, dance, jazz rap, psychedelic funk

This monstrous, booty-gyrating anthem kicks off with a vibe somewhere between Prince, P-Funk and a DC go-go groove. An epic funk anthem packed like a dance floor with tight tasty guitar, juicy slap bass, candy-addictive synths, driving drums and percussion, and stadium-power horns and vocals. Featuring a spoken cameo vocal from the infamously funky Branko Scekic, the song bobs and weaves through party funk into tribal psychedelia, into playful rap and back again. A completely unique funk journey through sounds and styles.


6. Of The Stars - (5:39), 102 bpm: funk, RnB, soul, two-step house, jazz rap 

A soulful, wistful boogie that two-steps you through sophisticated Stevie Wonder harmony laid over a four on the floor RnB beat. Echoing Jamiroquai and Luther Vandross, KC Roberts and guest vocalist Dionne Wilson sing sweet harmonies over the sexy feel, good groove. The tune paints celestial references over a dreamy urban canvas painted by a wobbly Fender Rhodes and fat tasty bass. Catchy melodic soul vocals layer and swell around the final chorus’s call for love.


7. Carl Got Lit - (6:38), 94 bpm: instrumental progressive funk, jazz rock, jam band, drum and bass 

A sophisticated and playful feel-good instrumental funk fusion song reminiscent of John Scofield and Lettuce. Angular horn-driven momentum meets super tight funky pockets of groove as the song moves through different movements and sections. Carl Got Lit features a powerful trumpet solo from Cuban-Canadian Alexis Baro, which climbs to a jaw dropping climax and then jumps into a jungle/drum & bass percussion and drum feature. Finally, the song settles on a soul foundation with a monstrous KC Roberts guitar solo while the band plays out. 


8. Shot Song - (2:25), 137 bpm: instrumental progressive funk, jazz-rock 

A funky, fusion-driven instrumental track with a wild tribal rhythmic tightness and staccato percussion energy. Shot Song is reminiscent of the Mahavishnu Orchestra with a modern funk rock energy, keeping the listener on the edge of their seat. Featuring fabulous percussion work delivered by Latin Grammy award-winning Marito Marques.


9. Almighty Saint Funkenstein - (2:31), 118 bpm: progressive funk, dance 

A short and catchy funk nugget, Almighty Saint Funkenstein goes from a bass and drum groove evoking an even funkier “Another One Bites the Dust,” eventually evolving as KC Roberts and guest vocalist Geneviève Marentette join the fray. They sing to a distant and mythical funk deity named Funkenstein to come and take away the pain of our times and replace it with the infectiousness of the funk. 

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